6 Ways to Decorate With Throw Pillows

throw pillows

What is an interior designer’s best friend? Throw pillows. Whether they are soft textured neutrals or spicy, vibrant patterns, cushions are like the icing on the cake. They add personality, comfort, and cohesiveness to any setting. They are also an inexpensive way to breathe new life to any room or celebrate the changing seasons.

However, amidst the fabulous styles, colors, and patterns available, it might be confusing what will be perfect for your space. Here are a few essential tips to follow when choosing the right throw pillows for your room.

Choose A Color Palette

Choosing a color palette will depend on the dominant décor in your room, such as a piece of artwork, rug, or the color of your sofa. Though there are no hard and fast rules, consider grouping throw pillows in the same shade or complimentary colors.

Using Solids

Pillows in solid colors work perfectly when dealing with a room or piece that already has many patterns. A solid throw pillow placed in the right place can make a striking piece come to life.

Combining Patterns

We know patterns love to be paired with solids, but you can also play with three prints of the same color, hue, or tone. A good rule to follow that will narrow down your options is to mix one solid with one simple pattern and one big pattern. As an example, a striped geometric pattern works perfectly with a simple floral.

Pillow Placement

Most interior designers suggest arranging accent pillows in sets of odd numbers, such as three, five, or seven. The number of throw pillows will depend on whether you, after a balanced look or more of an asymmetrical, casual approach. When placing accent pillows, the largest pillows should be placed in the far corners of your sofa, while the smaller ones to the inside.

Play With Textures

Introduce visual and tactile interest with throw pillows that exude texture. Faux-fur, knits, velvets, weaves, and even metallics, when used correctly, is a perfect way to add an unexpected aesthetic or sense of coziness to a room.

Stay Neutral

If you love the calm of a neutral palette, consider choosing throw pillows in natural textures and fabrics. Think weaves in linen, cotton, or even knits in shades that complement each other such as off-whites, taupes, and or shades of soft grey. Again, consider your other décor, and pick up on a complimentary neutral color. Adding a textured throw is the perfect way to create a polished look.

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