Tips On Staging Your Home Like A Pro

stage like a pro

Today more than ever, home staging has taken on an essential role in the home buying process. Homebuyers now search online first before deciding to view the property in person. If your photos do not give them that immediate “wow” factor, you risk a potential sale. To entice buyers both online and through a personal viewing, you have one opportunity to make a first impression. Staging is proven to not only result in a faster sale but for more money. Though the staging process may seem like a daunting task, here are a few tips on how a professional stager can guide you through the process.

Clean and Declutter

Before you embark on the process of staging your home, a deep clean and de-cluttering should take place. The goal is to present your home as pristine and spacious as possible to potential buyers. That means eliminating or storing items like family keepsakes, old magazines, and basic “junk” that has accumulated over time.

Evaluate Your Current Furnishings and Style

Who is your target buyer? Do you reside in a retirement neighborhood or in an up and coming suburb for young families? Communities change over time, and it is vital that your home appeal to the current buyer of your area. A professional stager can help advise you and prepare a staging plan that will work best for your property.


A Neutral Palette

Though you may love that red accent wall, professional stagers will suggest a neutral palette in your paint, furnishings, and décor. The goal is to appeal to as many buyers as possible, and using warm hues is the first step in creating a relaxing yet classic look and feel for your home. To add interest to a room, pops of color can be added with throw cushions, blankets, artwork, or a vibrant occasional chair.


Less is More

If you have spent some time watching HGTV, you probably already know that successful staging is achieved by selecting a few key pieces for every room. Potential buyers want space, and an over-cluttered room will be a primary turn-off.


Create a Focal Point

Perhaps your home has a stunning fireplace or a grand window. Trained professional stagers will identify a potential focal point in a room that they can use as a base in arranging the best furniture layout. A focal point can also be created with décors such as an oversized piece of art, wall hanging, or even a stunning chandelier.


Ambient Lighting

Ambiance is everything when creating a warm, welcoming feeling for your home. One of the biggest complaints from potential buyers is that a home appears dark. To counter this, update any heavy window treatments and utilize several light fixtures. Depending on the room, a variety of table, floor, pendant, and chandeliers can all work together to provide your home with an ambient glow.



Adding accessories and décor is like putting the icing on the cake. A professional home stager understands how to work with a color palette, space, and visual interest to choose décor that can bring your furniture layout alive. From artwork, mirrors to area rugs, accessories properly placed can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Fresh Flowers

The one thing you can expect to see in a staged home is fresh foliage. From large bouquets to small green topiaries, fresh greenery brings warmth, color, and freshness to any room.

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