How to Place the Perfect Area Rug

Area Rug

Whether you are updating your entire home or just a room, area rugs play an essential role in the overall design outcome. We all love rugs. They provide warmth, texture, and visual appeal, but choosing the right area rug can be a challenge. Beyond the aesthetic value of an area rug, size is a critical element when it comes to choosing a rug. Fortunately, there are some basic guidelines that you can follow to ensure you get the perfect rug for your ideal space!

First, area rugs come in standard sizes, so once you have the correct measurement, it will be easier to focus on the color, style, and material that will best suit your room.

Choosing the perfect area rug for your living room will depend on your furniture style, placement, and the size of your room. Here are some standard layouts to guide you.

Living Room

All Legs On

If you have a spacious living room area, experts suggest choosing a larger rug that will accommodate all your furniture. A room-sized rug will create a unified look, specifically if you are dealing with an open concept floor plan. Remember to leave at least 18 in of walking space outside of the rug area.

Front Legs On

For mid-sized rooms, a popular layout is to place just the front legs of the furniture on top of the rug. This look will create a cohesive look without the cost of a room-size rug. Note that the rug should extend beyond the sides of the sofa.

No Legs On

This layout is an option for smaller studio or apartment size living rooms. Consider a smaller rug that floats in the center of the room under the coffee table. Think of a colorful decorative pattern that can pull together the rest of your décor.

Dining Room

Placing a rug in your dining room will again depend on the style of your furniture. The rug should be centered under the dining room table and be large enough to accommodate the seating of guests. One easy way is to pull out the chairs around the table and measure the space to ensure that they still sit comfortably on the rug area.


Like the other areas in your home, choosing a bedroom rug will depend on the size of the room and the style of your furniture décor. Two of the most popular layouts are “All Furniture On” or “Foot of the Bed On.”

All Furniture On

If you have the luxury of a large master bedroom, a substantial sized rug that will fit both your bed and nightstands and is an attractive and popular layout.

Foot of the Bed On

If you have wall-to-wall carpeting or a smaller room, one of the preferred layouts is to place the rug partially under the bed. In this case, the rug is placed perpendicular to the bed, stopping a few inches before your nightstands.

The takeaway. Once you decide on the placement of your furniture, then it is easier to measure the exact size of a rug that will fit perfectly. Then you can focus on the fun stuff of choosing the best pattern, color, and style for your room.

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