Top Reasons to Rent Furniture for Your Mobile Lifestyle

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If you are a young urbanite, you may be subscribing to a life of non-ownership. After all, why commit to purchasing items that sooner or later you will either need to move or even replace. There is a certain flexibility in renting, especially when it comes to enjoying a mobile lifestyle, experiencing new jobs, neighborhoods, and travel. And it isn’t that you don’t value the necessity of material things such as fashionable clothing and stylish furniture; you are just looking at a more minimalist, uncluttered, and sustainable way of living. 

Let’s face it, material possessions can weigh our life down. Anyone of us who have had the pleasure of helping a parent clean out a garage or pack up for a move to a new home understands what clutter means. But it was different in our parent’s generation. Possessions intended value. But things have changed. We realize that value comes not from owning things but from owning our lives. That is the value.

“The best way to find out what we need is to get rid of what we don’t.”

― Marie Kondō

Most certainly, the trend towards renting and a decluttered lifestyle are growing at a rapid pace. What’s the attraction? Beyond the fact that you will have more money, more time, and less stress in your life, there is also that intrinsic value of clarity of mind.

There is absolute freedom to not owning stuff, and that includes furniture. Yes, we need furniture. It helps us express our style, brings comfort to our life, and provides the everyday necessities of living.

The question is, do we need to own it? Furniture is the most significant liability to mobility and freedom. First, think about the expense and time of just purchasing furniture, then the cost and hassle of moving it from place to place. Lastly, if you have fallen out of love with it, or need to replace some items, you now need to dispose of it, adding to the growing tons of used furniture accumulating in landfills, harming our environment.

But there is another benefit to renting. Furniture styles continually change and renting enables the freedom to change with it. Are you tired of that mid-century style? Swap it out for a new look. Do you want to introduce some Scandinavian Hygge for the winter season? No problem. And finally, when you are on the move, you simply just have it all picked up. Easy!

That’s what renting from Arc is all about. Fabulous furniture, accessories, housewares, and even linens designed for living so you can free your life. There are many reasons to rent furniture and even more reasons to choose Arc!


Investing in furniture is not always a viable option, especially if you are just starting your career or in a difficult transition. Renting furniture from Arc gives you a stylish home that you can be proud of, one where you can relax, work, and enjoy with friends and family, designed to meet your specific budget.

Fast and Easy

Shopping for furniture is time-consuming. Get the furniture you want when and where you need it. Arc makes the process of renting furniture easy, and affordable.No need to make several phone calls relaying the same information and sorting through different terms, furniture selections, and prices. After a quick call to get a clear understanding of your needs, Arc will procure up to 3 competitive furniture rental quotes in 1-2 days.

Style and Quality

Whether you love mid-century style or lean towards traditional, Arc will find the perfect furniture to fit your lifestyle. Our team works with local and national providers to create curated packages, keeping your style and budget requirements in mind. This process ensures your final selection will get you the best furniture, best prices, and best service available.


In today’s mobile society, change has become a factor in many people’s lives. Temporary housing and short-term rentals have become a popular alternative when transitioning either for a job, life change, or even a lifestyle change. Renting furniture eliminates the hassle and expense of packing and moving belongings from one location to another.

Whether it be a long-term or short-term living situation, renting furniture can make sense. From young mobile professionals to downsizing baby boomers, furniture rental is an excellent alternative for all.

Arc can find furnishings for any style of apartment or home. From fabulous loveseats and occasional chairs to dining sets, rugs, and accessories, we will get you the best furniture at the best prices!

Request a Quote or contact us at 800.952.7886. 


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