How to Design a Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Mid-Century Modern design is a style that rose to popularity in the 1950s and 1960s. Its classic look of clean lines and simple functionality has stood the test of time, making it one the most popular decorating styles today. Mid-Century Modern’s minimalistic approach makes it perfect in creating a bedroom that exudes sophistication and space. If your thinking of decorating a bedroom in Mid-Century Modern style, here are some of the design elements to incorporate.

Wood and Floating Furniture

First and foremost, when choosing furniture, look for tapered legs, a distinctive signature of mid-century design. The slim legs are often positioned on an angle and give the sense that the furniture is floating. This predominate feature adds to the overall feeling of space and is perfect for smaller rooms.

Love natural wood furniture? Influenced by Scandinavian design, mid-century also incorporates furniture pieces with clean, simple lines made of natural and unstained woods often in Teak. Though a design scheme often includes other organic materials and curved shapes, wood will be one of the exact defining characteristics of mid-century design you will want to add.

A Palette of Neutral Hues

What characterizes Mid-century design is its use of moodier hues like brown, rust, sage green as well as shades of orange. However, you can play with pops of primary colors such as red, blue, and yellow when adding accents such as cushions, throws, and art. As mid-century has evolved through the decades, many designers mix and match with other styles so, stay true to the colors you love.


Groovy Geometrics

If you want to add some grooviness to your design scheme, think geometric patterns. Graphic shapes and patterns were an important element of the mid-century modern era. Consider a bold geometric rug, wallpaper, or contemporary art in triangles, circles, and rectangles. Perfect match for a tufted mid-century headboard!


Mix Up Materials

Another notable feature of the era is the mixing of natural and man-made materials. Mid-Century designers eagerly embraced new materials such as plastic, plexiglass as well as metal and glass. Get creative and mix and match pieces such as metal lamps, glass bedside tables, or a cool mid-century style chair.


Retro Inspired Accents

Once you have the basic covered, now its time to have fun with accents; we’re talking pieces such as an Eames-style chair, a Sputnik chandelier, or some funky retro-inspired artwork. Though mid-century is all about form and function, inspiration derived from world events, new materials, and a need for expression inspired the creation of pieces that will be coveted forever. So have fun!


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