How to Energize Your Home With Vibrant Colors

Vibrant colors. The color of a sunset, the sea in the morning, or the subtle golden shades of a daffodil. Color is all around us, yet many of us shy away from introducing it into our decorating schemes. Color can be hard to work with, balance is everything, yet adding vibrant colors to a room can lift our spirits and add new vitality to our life. Our home is where we spend the balance of our life, whether it be a New York condo or a cute suburban two storey. Color brings mood generating power, design drama, and ultimately a reason to celebrate the seasons. Summer is here, and perhaps it’s time to add some color vibrancy to your décor.

Need some vibrant ideas to get started?

Color me red!

The color red is energizing and is perfect for stimulating conversation. Say goodbye to that traditional beige sofa and think of color. Make a statement with an intense red sofa and adorn it with a colorful oversized artwork for a vibrancy power punch!

vibrant colors

Color me blue!

Whether it be the royal blue of a sky to the mystic blue of the ocean, a vibrant shade of blue is perfect for inspiring a sense of tranquility in your bedroom. The color is associated with a calming environment and also can encourage creativity in the kitchen!

vibrant colors

Color me yellow!

The color yellow is associated with sunshine, uplifting, and denotes happiness. There is nothing mellow about these yellow chairs! It’s warm and welcoming shade makes it perfect for living rooms and kitchens. If used too much, the color can be overwhelming, so think strategic pieces like accent chairs and accessories.

vibrant colors

Color me purple!

Purple is considered the color of royalty and denotes a feeling of luxury. Whether it is an accent wall or a fabulous sofa, purple is sure to make a statement in the vibrancy thermometer. Think accent colors like lime green to put together the perfect, passionate color scheme.

Color me green!

Associated with nature and new life, the color green is refreshing and harmonious. Though the hue works well in almost any room of your home, it is especially effective when used in kitchens and outdoor areas. A real pop of vibrancy green is perfect for accent chairs, bar stools, or just a few lush pillows against your crisp white sofa.

Color me orange!

Orange is associated with happiness and brings to mind the color of a sunset or an autumn pumpkin. There are so many shades of orange hues that it makes it a popular decorating color. Like yellow, it is best used as sparingly and can bring warmth to and vibrancy to any room.

Vibrant Orange Chair

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