How to Design a Stunning Apartment Guest Suite

Apartment guest suites have become a hot new amenity for residents. Among the myriad of luxury features such as gyms, pools, and rooftop patios, property managers are looking at new ways to increase resident retention and off-set vacancies. Utilizing a vacant unit to provide accommodation for residents visiting friends and family has become a lucrative way to maintain a steady stream of income.

Beyond making residents happy, apartment guest suites offer additional benefits.

A well-designed apartment suite is perfect to showcase to prospective renters; use photos in marketing materials, virtual tours, and on social networks. Finally, guest suites can provide additional revenue as short-term rentals to corporate clients. Besides the increased revenues, guest suites can also serve as a “try before you rent” scenario. A beautiful suite offers prospective residents the chance to fully experience a community before they commit to a long-term lease.

Whether you are creating an apartment guest suite for resident visitors, mobile workers, or corporate clients, guests want all the comforts of home, and a luxury feel.

Ready to get started? Here are a few design tips on designing an apartment guest suite your guests will love!

The first step is to determine the design style for the suite. Though your community may cater to a millennial, or senior demographic, the suite should appeal to a broad spectrum of guests.

A Neutral Palette

Sticking with a neutral palette of warm hues will create a space that is appealing to a wide variety of guests. Consider adding pops of color in blue or green hues that work to create a calming environment.



Since the living room is where your guests will spend most of their time, a comfortable sofa is essential. Consider a contemporary style in a palette that will stand up to wear and tear better than a lighter shade. An accent chair, ottoman, and accent pillows can add color and pattern to give the space style and character.

As with any luxury accommodation, pay special attention to the bedroom style and decor. Beyond a comfortable mattress, a stunning headboard and beautiful linens will create that “luxe” feel. To create that final collected look, add matching side tables and a variety of ambient lighting.

The Finishing Touches!


Artwork is one piece of d├ęcor that can make or break a room. When it comes to creating a focal point to a space, think big! A large statement piece above a sofa or headboard can instantly add a creative and sophisticated touch.

Mirrors are another fabulous accent to use as they help to make the room seem more significant if uniquely positioned by a window or other light source. Consider choosing a brilliant gold or silver finish to add some “wow” factor to the room.


Area rugs can work magic when it comes to defining spaces and adding warmth and interest to an apartment guest suite. Get creative and consider a rug with colorful geometric patterns to add that splash of color, or an earthy textured style to create an exotic luxe appeal.

Finally, add ambiance with a variety of lighting to enhance the overall style of the room. A combination of strategically placed table and floor lamps will add maximum warmth and the required light for work or relaxation for your guests.



There is a good chance your guests may want to cook in the apartment. Make sure you have it well stocked with essential cooking utensils and dinnerware. In keeping with your chosen style, consider echoing your color scheme for a cohesive look and feel.

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