Romancing Your Home with Floral Design

There is something romantic about floral design. Our mind suddenly turns to an elegant wallpapered room of yesterday, a Claude Monet painting or a vase of massive pink peonies perfectly placed in the center of a table. Floral print décor has been a popular decorating element over the centuries. From traditional floral prints, Victorian romantic motifs, botanical designs to bold graphic mural displays, florals have morphed through the design world in so many forms and fashions. Florals have stood the test of time, bringing a sense of romance, the freshness of nature and the scent of a garden to our daily life.

Ready to romance up your home with florals? Whether it be a punch of flower power or just a soft romantic accent, here are some ideas that show the versatility of decorating with florals.

Floral Design

For a totally classic look, consider a pair of gorgeous over-stuffed floral chairs. Combined with a complementary hued sofa, this room exudes French country romance.

Floral Design Ottoman

If you love solids and neutral hues, consider introducing one stand-out piece of floral motif furniture to add a sense of texture and just the right floral touch.

Floral Design Chairs

Florals come in so many shapes and designs, it’s easy to pair them with other prints such as geometric or stripes. Sticking with a common color palette will create a cohesive balance in the overall design.

Floral Design Chairs

Ready to take flower-power to a whole new level. For a totally eclectic look, consider introducing some abstract fun furniture for a modern art vibe.

Floral Design Bedroom

Nothing speaks florals, more than a dreamy bedroom. Classic hues of blues and greens are perfect when used in accents pieces such as pillows and curtains. The florals in this bedroom ignite a touch of romanticism while keeping a fresh, summery feel.

Floral Design Duvet

The beauty of the floral design is the versatility that is available in patterns, from traditional to contemporary. Adding a neutral-toned fauna print can add just the right amount of earthy nature to a room.

Floral Design Cushions

Using florals in small doses such as cushions and bedding décor is an easy way to freshen up a room and can be easily interchanged to express the various seasons.

Floral Design Mural

Ready to be adventurous? Make a bold statement by adding an elaborate mural of beautiful oversized florals to an accent wall. Perfect for adding drama to a bedroom or foyer.

Wallpaper is one of the most common ways to add a floral touch to a room. For a contemporary feel, choose a simple, graphic pattern in monochromatic hues to deliver a modern approach.

Floral Design Painting

Want to add a floral accent to your wall, but don’t want to commit to wallpaper. An oversized artwork can create the perfect focal point for the room and add a touch of exciting elegance.

Floral Design Rug

In this contemporary room, an eye-catching rug creates a focal point with its colorful over-sized blooms. The complementary colors of the wall art and accent walls work to deliver a cohesive symmetry, both vibrant and fresh.

Of course, nothing can express the beauty of floral design more than a vase of fresh flowers. Here are some fabulous DIY tips on creating your own flower arrangements, perfect to match your new floral décor.

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