9 Contemporary Living Rooms to Make Your Own

Thinking of updating your living room décor or are you starting with a completely blank canvas? In the myriad of design styles available today, contemporary design stands alone. Rather than refer to a specific time period, contemporary style celebrates the here and now, taking its cue from other styles such as modern and mid-century modern. However, there are unique characteristics that predominate the contemporary look.

In its essence, contemporary design is defined by its use of space, texture, and clean lines. There is no room for “fluff. “

Here are some tips to follow to achieve the sophisticated look of a contemporary living room.

Color Palette:

Neutral color palettes dominate in contemporary design. Expect to see shades of black, white, and grey in both furniture and surrounding interiors, with pops of bold colors in red, orange, and indigo.


Contemporary design relies heavily on utilizing textures to achieve its quiet drama. Wood, metal, stone, and glass are often combined in simple variables, with each piece existing as both an architectural and functional element.


When it comes to choosing furniture, think bold, geometric pieces in neutral tones using natural fibers such as wool, cotton, and linen. Leather or upholstered accent chairs are often used in earthy hues like browns, blacks, and dark greys.


Following the essential “less is more” in contemporary style, décor should be limited to a few stand-out pieces. Think of a large coffee table, oversized abstract pieces of art, large vases, and plants.

Need inspiration? We’ve gathered up nine stunning examples of beautifully designed contemporary living rooms that you can make your own!

Contemporary Living Room

Warm, light, and airy, this contemporary space keeps to a neutral palette and pops it up with geometric throw cushions in sunny shades of orange.

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Thinking of updating your living room décor? Here are some tips to follow to achieve the sophisticated look of contemporary living rooms.

Exposed beams and a stunning fireplace complement a contemporary space that combines textures of wood, faux fur accents and hints of metallic decor.

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A palette of white, black, and grey give this room a classic contemporary vibe.

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Warm hues of cream and chestnut enhance the bold, dramatic architectural elements of this stunning space.

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This contemporary living room takes on a rustic approach by embracing textural elements in wood and leather.

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Simple, elegant, and clean, this living room combines the soft textures of the furniture upholstery with bold accent décor in wood and metal.

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A straightforward loft space screams contemporary design with a sophisticated sectional, a bold geometric rug and vibrant cushions in black and magenta.

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With the luxury of height, this black, exposed ceiling screams drama, while not overpowering the neutral palette of this spacious contemporary room.

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Unlike many contemporary styles, this living room makes a bold statement by choosing furniture in dark and earthy hues balanced by the simple white backdrop of the ceiling and walls.

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