7 Tips on Designing an Inspiring Home Office

Inspiring Home Office

Home offices have become more important than ever, and it’s not just due to the quarantine. More and more Americans are working from home. Technology, the gig economy, and more relaxed office policies have catapulted remote work as the new norm. Though we strive to create a home-work environment that promotes productivity, that does not mean we need to sacrifice on style!

Whether you have a dedicated room or just a small nook, here some ideas for creating a home office space that can be functional, as well as inspiring.

Location, Location

When it comes to creating an inspiring home office, the first step is to choose a designated area. Though the ideal location is a private space such as a spare room, away from distractions, apartment dwellers may need to get creative. Look for a small nook or unused space that might be suitable while picturing how you would set up the necessary furniture. A quiet area with natural light is a bonus, as it is proven to improve mood and productivity.

Think Style

If you want an inspiring home office, you need to begin with the style that YOU love! To start, it makes sense to follow the existing design elements of the rest of your home. Whether it be mid-century modern or traditional, you can still inject some exciting décor to give the space a unique personality of its own. Though there are no hard and fast rules to choosing a color palette, consider what inspires you. Is it a calm, neutral palette, or are you motivated by bright or dark hues? Most of all, follow the simple, clean, and uncluttered design methodology.

Desk or Table?

Biscayne Adjustable Dining Table/Desk
Biscayne Adjustable Dining Table/Desk – Shop the Look!

Choosing the right desk needs some consideration.  How much space do you have to work with? Will the desk serve other purposes, such as a dining table? Though there are many styles of desks available, you might also consider shopping in the dining room department. Not only are tables more design-savvy, but they offer added space and versatility. Again, find the style that you love and choose a desk or table that will flatter the rest of your décor.

Mimi Quilted Office Chair
Mimi Quilted Office Chair – Shop the look!

A Stylish Chair

When choosing an office chair, your primary objective should be ergonomics. Fortunately, modern office chairs have evolved from the traditional clunky chairs of yesterday and offer a myriad of designs that are both ergonomic and stylish. Depending on how much time you spend in your office will help you decide between comfort or your ultimate design aesthetic.

Teagan Oak Display Bookcase
Teagan Oak Display Bookcase – Shop the look!


No home office is complete without storage. Even if your office materials are minimal, storage solutions such as shelving can help your space stay organized and free of clutter. From a design sense, shelving creates a focal point, and it adds an opportunity to display fresh décor, art, and even some greenery. Also, consider adding some natural baskets to bring a warm, organic touch to the design.

Pratt Matte Brass Desk Lamp
Pratt Matte Brass Desk Lamp – Shop the Look!


Even if you have natural light, task lighting and accent lighting are a must-have to create a working environment that is both efficient, warm, and relaxing. A cool desk lamp combined with some pendant or floor lamps can work together to provide illumination for task-work as well as add a hint of sophistication and glamour!

Jaipur Living Combs Geometric Area Rug
Jaipur Living Combs Geometric Area Rug – Shop the Look!

Décor and Accessories

Once you have the style of the basics decided upon, now comes the fun stuff. Décor! This is where everything comes together to create your final look. It’s your space, so have fun with it. Express your style with layered rugs, pops of color, a dramatic piece of wall art, decorative vases, or an exquisite piece of cabinetry. Ultimately your office should reflect who you are and provide the productivity and style to inspire you.

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